One needle, many haystacks...

43% of job seekers only use one job board to search for work, and there are over 1100 job sites in the UK.

Searching for a needle in one haystack is difficult, finding one amongst hundreds may seem impossible, or at the very least resource heavy and expensive. It’s time to stop searching and make the needle come to you. With 90% of job seekers hunting opportunities online, we’ll make sure talent finds you!

So how do you attract the talent you need?

At JVP, we know what it takes to get noticed. Our adverts are written by recruitment advertising experts who understand the power of employer brands and how to attract the right candidates.

Your advert is posted on up to 200 leading, specialist and regional job sites, making sure it’s seen by the right people.

Thanks to our time saving Applicant Management Portal, you have complete control of your own talent pool.

And, to make sure you get maximum return on your investment, you can make unlimited hires from your job advert - with no extra costs.

All of which saves you time and money... so you can make hay – instead of searching through it!

For more information or to advertise a job vacancy, call 0844 967 4467.

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