Making Light Work Of In-house Recruitment

Employee Testing and E-Learning...

...the easiest way to retain your strongest staff.

Employee Testing

Testing your existing employees' skills and knowledge is incredibly useful when it comes to probation periods, appraisals, performance management and promotions. You simply request what you need from our library of 200 online tests and we do the legwork from there.

Once you get the results it will make your decisions a whole lot clearer - and your job a whole lot easier.

Employee E-learning

You can never develop your employees too much. E-learning (online training) is a quick and effective way to boost their engagement and productivity as well as increasing retention and aligning skill levels. What's not to like?

The training is modular - so employees can work at their own pace and revisit topics if they need to - and you get a full report once it's complete. Training covers:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Business Correspondence
  • Sage Line 50
  • Management

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