Making Light Work Of In-house Recruitment

Pre-Screening Applicant Management

Are you spending too much time shortlisting and responding to applicants? The specialist recruitment team at JVP can assist and save you even more time through our pre-screening applicant management service.

CV Filtering and Shortlisting

With our CV filtering and shortlisting service, an experienced member of our recruitment team will review all of your applications on our cloud-based ATS, and provide you with a shortlist of the highest quality talent matching your criteria, whilst still giving you full access to the talent pool of applicants for the vacancy to use as you wish.

Pre-Screening Telephone Interviews

When recruiting for attitude and skills, conducting thorough initial telephone interviews with applicants will help gain a deeper insight into key attributes as well as experience, removing reliance solely on the submitted CV and highlight the superstars from within the crowd at an early stage. This is a service we offer that will reduce your time-consuming face to face interviews with those applicants that don't meet the standard.

Full Recruitment Process Candidate Management

From shortlisting and organising interviews to checking references, let JVP remove the hassle of recruitment administration and coordination, and have peace of mind that everything is in order before you consider hiring your new employee.

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