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5 reasons why a careers page will help you attract the best talent

29th April 2019

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Have you considered what information job seekers will find when they’re researching your business? An effective careers page can have a massive impact on an applicant’s perception of your company, and therefore your company’s ability to attract the best people.

Here’s 5 reasons why a careers page will help you to attract the best talent…

1) A careers page provides a space to start a positive ‘candidate journey’

The ‘candidate journey’ is essentially the applicant’s experience of the whole recruitment process, from when they see your job advert all the way through to onboarding.

There’s plenty of stages where the candidate journey can turn negative, from the outset with a poorly written advert, or during the recruitment process with a lack of communication or an unprofessional interview etc. But a careers page is one of the first places that an applicant will visit to learn more about your company, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to market your business as an employer of choice and ensure a positive candidate journey from the outset - you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

2) You can properly show off your company and why it’s so great to work there

It’s not surprising that 93% of job seekers feel it’s important to be informed about all aspects of an organisation prior to accepting a job offer. The job advert is a great tool to promote a specific opportunity in addition to promoting your employer brand, but you are limited to how much you can show off why you’re an employer of choice. A careers page gives you the space to thoroughly dive into:

  • Your company values
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Complete overview of rewards and benefits
  • The working culture and environment
  • Employee testimonials

3) You can visually communicate with images and video

Did you know that jobs accompanied by a video tend to get 36% more applications?

Videos and images are a brilliant way to give applicants a visual insight into your workplace, in addition to providing first-hand accounts from employees about life at your company and their career progression stories as part of the business.

One of our valued and longstanding clients Safety Media have produced a variety of videos, some of which show off the working environment, others which show off their amazing monthly team events. Click here to view one of their videos, where you’ll see that in just 30 seconds Safety Media have been able to show off what an amazing place to work it is.

4) You can simplify the application process

60% of job seekers will stop in the middle of completing online job applications due to their length or complexity. Applicants just don’t like long drawn out application processes, and in a world where so many things can be completed in ‘one-click’ – it’s no surprise.

By having your own careers page, you can choose exactly how simple or complex the application process is. Simplifying the process will inevitably lead to more applications, but there’s no denying that having more applications is a price worth paying to make sure you don’t miss out on quality applicants!

Don’t forget: The JVP Applicant Tracking System / Recruitment Software makes it easy to efficiently manage the recruitment process – and we can build a website careers page for you which is fully integrated with our ATS – keeping it nice and simple by centralising your applications and making it quick and easy to shortlist and respond to applicants.

5) Your jobs could go on to ‘Google for Jobs’

In 2018 Google launched its ‘Google for Jobs’ function, which focused on making the job searching experience as smooth as possible for candidates. Google for Jobs is not a job board, it’s a search tool that features job postings from a range of job boards and business’ career pages. Try it out – search ‘Jobs near me’ and you’ll see how Google now displays jobs from a variety of sources - Click here to learn more about Google for Jobs.

If you already have a careers page with job listings on your company website, as long as your web developers have followed Google’s technical instructions your jobs should be getting found by Google for Jobs.

Don’t forget: JVP can implement a brand new ‘Google for Jobs’ integrated job search function alongside your existing website, or further develop your current careers page to provide functionality for online applications – click here to learn more.

Looking to implement a job search function on your existing website, or further develop your current careers page?

We're here to help – click here to get in touch or call us on 01745 774 955 to discover how we can work with you to build a website careers page which will help you attract the best talent.


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