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Additional Services Launched

6th June 2014

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We've listened to employer feedback from our recent survey, and due to demand are pleased to announce the launch of our extended services. 

Whilst JVP Group continues to provide cost-effective Online Recruitment Advertising and Applicant Testing Solutions, we are delighted to introduce our Employee Testing Services and E-learning programmes.

Identify your existing employee’s skill and knowledge levels with our customised and fully administered Employee Testing Services, providing useful information for a variety of HR issues including; probation's, appraisal's, performance management, and internal promotion's.
Boost employee engagement, improve productivity, increase colleague retention rates and align skill levels across a team, with our E-learning Packages which provide tailored training solutions.

To discuss your HR and recruitment challenges and explore our solutions, contact the team at JVP Group on 0844 967 4467.

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