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Do job seekers need to know who the recruiting employer is before applying?

6th September 2018

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JVP Group is all about complete transparency for job seekers and employers, this approach achieves the best results, and surely it's what everyone deserves, right! 

Benefiting from external professional recruitment services can add great value to employers recruitment campaigns. Where recruitment is outsourced how often do you see an advert starting along the lines of 'Our Client....', with no reference to who the employer is? We strongly believe that job seekers need to know who they would be applying for a job with at the outset, to enable them to make informed decisions. This openness also encourages more relevant quality applications for the employer too. 

In terms of shortlisting applicants, who knows the recruiting business and its culture best, the employer! Although it is known how time consuming the recruitment process can be.

At JVP Group we provide the tools to help employers attract, manage and assess applicants for their vacancies, in a timely and efficient manner. 

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