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PRESS RELEASE: Nearly half of employers to review EVP & Employer Branding post-lockdown with firm set to roll out new service to meet demand

10th May 2021

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A job advertising and marketing firm is set to launch an employer branding consultancy service, in response to rapid market changes brought on by the pandemic.

A recent study by Aon found that 41% of employers are expecting to review their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 43% of those without a clear EVP planning to develop one.

JVP Group was set up by Founder and MD Cath Harrison in 2013 to help employers attract their own talent through employer branded job advertising, technology, and support solutions, removing the headaches and high costs from the recruitment process. Now, the firm is launching a service to help employers identify and effectively communicate their EVP and employer brand in the post-Covid, post-lockdown landscape.

Cath said: “From flexible working to job security and communication, the last 12 months has seen a huge shift in what employees and potential employees value most from an employer.

“Having worked in recruitment for 20 years and with JVP Group in its 7th year of supporting employers to advertise jobs online, I’ve seen first-hand how employers with a clear and well communicated EVP and employer brand have been able to stand out from the crowd and attract and retain the best talent.

“But so much has changed during the pandemic that employers are needing to either develop or reassess their EVP, at the of risk getting left behind - given the huge ramifications of not doing so on any organisation’s talent attraction and retention strategy.”

A study by Gartner has found that employers who deliver on their EVP can improve employee retention by as much as 69%, with LinkedIn reporting that 83% of employers felt their EVP had a significant influence on their ability to attract talent and hire.

Cath added: “We know that this is high on the agenda for HR professionals, but it’s often an issue of not having enough time to invest into constructing and articulating their EVP, it can seem like an enormous undertaking at first.

“That’s why at our interactive HR Virtual Forum next week (Wednesday 19th May at 10am), we’ll be sharing insights and discussing the “whys and hows” of identifying and communicating an EVP and employer brand, alongside special guest Ceri Henfrey, Chief Operating Officer at Moneypenny, who have been recognised for over a decade as one of the best companies to work for in the UK and who are leading the way when it comes to crafting and marketing an EVP many employers would be enviable of.”

To register for JVP Group’s Virtual HR Forum and pose your questions, visit or email

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