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How can you ensure your job adverts are being seen by the right people?

20th April 2022

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The number of job vacancies being advertised is at a record high at the moment. And that means your job adverts can very easily get lost amongst the crowd. So how can you increase their visibility? Here are some suggestions about what you can do to make sure those job adverts are more likely to be seen by the right people.

  • Think like a job seeker to get the job title right

Think about the kind of people who are likely to be looking for the type of job you’re advertising. Spend some time considering what could be the words your potential applicants are going to be searching for when it comes to the job title - what key words are likely to reflect the background of the types of candidates you’re seeking?

This isn’t only to make sure that the job title itself is appealing to candidates; it’s also to make sure that your advert is appearing where you’d want it to in the search results on job boards. While it can be tempting to “dress up” the job title to make it as attractive as possible, it can actually be an own goal in SEO terms. If your ideal applicants aren’t putting in search phrases and words that match up with your job title, they won’t see your advert. The job title field is the most important part of your job advert – so make sure you’re giving it the thought that’s needed before you post.

  • How engaging are your job adverts?

Ensure the quality of your job adverts is spot on. That means content that’s engaging, concise and provides all the key information candidates will want to make an informed decision.

So what does that include? Obviously you’ll need to give some insight into the role, and the types of activities they’ll be involved in along with some of the basic information like the hours they’ll be expected to work and, if it’s an on-site role, where it’s located. You’ll need to outline the core aspects of the package too – what benefits are on offer for example.

But an effective job advert goes beyond that. What are all the selling points that make your company different and a great place to work at? Talk about your company culture. What about the flexibility that’s on offer? Whether it’s hours, location or both, this will be hugely attractive to many candidates who’ll be juggling career and personal commitments. Are you supportive of career development, offering ongoing training and development opportunities, and things like study support for instance? Then highlight it. And make sure you include the salary, or salary range, too. We are firm believers that this is a really essential piece of information to attract the right types of candidates (we explain why here). And think about the language you’re using as well. Keep it conversational and friendly to make it easy to read.

Remember that many candidates will be searching for jobs on their mobile phones so keep the length of the job advert content in mind too. If it’s too long, you might lose their interest. If you want to expand on particular points, you can always add links to where they should go to find out more.

  • Pick the right job sites

Did you know there are over 1100 job boards in the UK? So if you pick just one or two job boards to advertise on, this is going to seriously limit the number of potential candidates who will see your job advert. But clearly you need to strike a balance here - it’s unrealistic to try to post it across hundreds of sites. In all likelihood, you’ll find yourself swamped with applications, many of which might be low quality or not particularly appropriate for your role.

So do your research. Identify the job boards that are likely to be the ones where the type of candidate you’d want will be looking. See if there are any niche sites that could provide you with some really good well-targeted applicants. Widen your advert’s reach by frequently posting it across social media as well, to promote the role to passive candidates who might not be actively searching for a new job but might just happen to spot yours...

  • Make the application process as easy as possible

Even if your job is being seen by the right people, and the advert’s selling the role really well, there are still other hurdles that could affect how successful you are in getting the right people to apply - one of which is the application process itself!

Make it as easy as you can for candidates to click on the ‘apply’ button and submit their CV. Ideally, avoid the need to fill in an online application form. Candidates are probably going to be considering several vacancies. If some application processes are harder than others, those roles are likely to be the ones left “until later”. And when it’s a candidate-led market where applicants are being snapped up, you’ll lose out.

Are your job adverts getting the results your company needs?


If your job adverts are not attracting the candidates you need, we’re here to help.  At JVP Group we use our recruitment marketing expertise to ensure your vacancies are standing out and attracting great quality applicants. Please do get in touch to find out more about our job advertising services. 

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