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How to Write an Effective Job Advert

23rd April 2020

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Getting your job advert right from the start will speed up the recruitment process, save you time and money in the long run and could be the difference between attracting the right quality of candidates over a string of irrelevant applications.

In this guide, we share our top tips and guidance for what you should consider when it comes to writing your job advert, sharing advice on structure and the type of information you should be including within your job advert and why this is so important.

How to structure a job advert

While you may think getting creative with a job advert will produce you better results, you should follow a set format, and always remember that most job seekers will be reading job adverts on their mobile devices, so keep it succinct.

Think about the information you want to include in the advert. Don’t be tempted to write war and peace and include every last bit of information from the job description. Focus on the absolute essential duties and requirements needed and bring the opportunity to life.

Help potential applicants make informed decisions when reading your job advert by including the following information:

  • Job title
  • Company biography
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • An outline of the role and responsibilities
  • Absolute essential requirements (experience, qualifications, skills)
  • Salary and benefits
  • Contract type
  • Working hours
  • Location

1. How to choose the most effective job title for your job advert…

Did you know that 64% of job seekers won’t apply for a job if they don’t understand the job title?

Arguably, this is the most important part of getting a job advert right. The job title is the gateway to ensuring the right people are uncovering your job advert. It’s easy to be tempted to put the job title as what the role will be called internally within the business, but you need to think about what job titles your target audience will be searching on the job boards.

Always ask yourself this very important question: “Will job seekers be typing this job title I'm using into a search box? What might their current job title be?”

Generic job titles will get you better results. If your job title contains common phrases and keywords associated to the type of work, your advert is far more likely to be found in searches amongst many other jobs listed, and gain interest from relevant candidates.

To be ranked highly in search results, the job title needs to be 3 or 4 words max and ideally laid out how a candidate is likely to search i.e. if you are looking for customer service skills, use ‘Customer Service Advisor’ rather than say ‘Call Handler.’

2. Showcasing your company and what makes you an employer of choice…

This is your opportunity to shout about your company and what makes it a great place to work. Identify your Employee Value Proposition and encourage candidates to apply by emphasising what's great about your organisation – this just might be the very thing that makes a candidate apply for your organisation over one of your competitors. 

Employees today want to feel engaged and valued in the workplace, so make sure you’re showcasing the ways in which your organisation does this.

3. What duties and requirements should be listed in a job advert?

Don’t include every last duty and every responsibility of the role – remember this is not a job description, it is a job advert. Focus on the key ones and only include those, and this is the same when it comes to listing the requirements you are looking for from an individual. Think about the absolute essential experience you require, and include only that, focusing on the imperative skills they will need to do the job right. 

If a certain qualification is only desirable, does it need to be in the advert? It may deter people from applying who may have an abundance of relevant experience, and you lose out on their application altogether just because they were deterred from applying because they didn’t have the qualification that you only deemed desirable anyway. Always bear this in mind when writing your job advert. 

Really think about the experience, qualifications and skills you’re looking for and always question whether they are absolutely essential to the role before including them in the job advert from the outset. Changing the advert content part way through an advertising campaign is unlikely to be seen by those individuals that have already dismissed it.

4. Should I include a salary in a job advert?

On average, online job adverts that include salary information receive 41% more applications compared to job adverts without any salary indication.

Not including a salary in your job advert could potentially eliminate a lot of candidates, as it will be a fundamental piece of information they want to know before applying for the role. 

Sometimes it’s not possible to include a salary in a job advert due to company policies and procedures, but do think about including the salary whenever you can, as it will make a difference to the type of response you receive to your job advert. 

Do your research, have a look at salaries for similar roles within your location and industry and make sure your salary is competitive to attract the right people – your competitor’s job advert is only one click away.

Now that you have captured the job seeker’s attention by marketing your business and the role you’re advertising in the right way, make sure you take this opportunity to solidify why candidates would want to apply for the role by listing the range of benefits and what’s in it for them.

Remember to include whether they will receive any bonuses, pension schemes, annual leave entitlement, and highlight any other appealing points such as career progression opportunities, training available and even fresh fruit and free refreshments in the office!

Other considerations

How to optimise your job adverts: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Keywords…

SEO is so important when it comes to writing your job advert, and you don’t need to be an SEO expert to get it right in your job advert either!

Start thinking about keywords related to the role you’re advertising. For example, if you are looking for a Business Development Manager, how many times have you included the Business Development Manager and the word ‘Sales’ in the body of the job advert? 

This will ensure job seekers who are searching the job boards using the keyword ‘Sales’ see your advert as well as those using the keywords ‘Business Development Manager’. It’s good to include keywords in the body of the advert at least 4-8 times but be careful not to overdo it, as the job boards may see it as spamming which can negatively impact your job advert!

A second pair of eyes…

Make sure you ask another person to proofread the job advert before you publish on job boards. It’s easy to overlook any spelling or grammar mistakes when you have written the copy yourself and leaving any mistakes in the job advert can make a bad impression. Make sure it’s right before it goes live!


Your hiring process starts with your job advert, so investing the time and energy into getting it right from the outset will have a significant impact on the quality of response and the chances of the advert resulting in a positive outcome. Utilise this comprehensive job advert writing guide and we guarantee you will start to see a significant impact in the quality of the response you receive for your job adverts.

We’re here to help

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