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I am not a number!

12th March 2014

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  • 81% agree they would be more engaged and energised if employers understood what motivated them as individuals
  • 37% of employees are planning to leave their job in next 12 months

New research reveals that organisations are missing a trick when it comes to motivating employees and retaining staff. Nearly half (47%) of employees feel that they are not treated as an individual in the workplace, suggesting that organisations are categorising them as part of homogenous groups, despite 81% of respondents stating that this would better motivate them and improve their performance levels.

The research also reveals that nearly a third (30%) of employees are unmotivated in their job, with 10% claiming to be ‘very unmotivated’. More than a third (37%) are also planning to leave their current role in the next 12 months, suggesting UK companies are on the brink of a mass talent exodus.

The least motivated industry is the finance sector with 46% of employees reporting to be either ‘very’ or fairly’ unmotivated. By comparison, the most motivated employees were found in the architecture, engineering and building sectors, with 79% reporting being ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ motivated.

Lucy Beaumont comments: “These workforces have delivered through the toughest economic recession in decades and organisations would be foolish if they didn’t take steps to retain staff. We strongly urge employers to re-address their employee engagement methods and respond to the individual drivers of employees who may well be looking for another job right now.”


Published: 26 March 2014. Source: Onrec


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