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Webinar Replay: How to avoid damage to your reputation as a great place to work

11th June 2020

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When your organisation survives the economic impact of COVID-19, what will your reputation be as a place to work?


We find ourselves amid a crisis, and such challenging times will inevitably leave some employers with their reputation either thriving, or potential badly damaged.


There is no doubt that HR professionals and business leaders are working hard to keep things going and protect as many jobs as they can. Actions taken during times of crisis will inevitably impact on a company’s employer brand, and if not delivered in the right way, potentially may lead to issues with employee motivation, retention and the ability to attract and hire great talent for many years to come.


Watch our webinar with specialist speakers Cath Harrison, MD of JVP Group, and Anthony Bullick, MD at Outwrite, where you will learn:


  • How to make a positive impact through internal communication in a crisis
  • How to assess your digital footprint as an employer
  • What you can do now to strengthen your employer brand for the future

We hope you find the webinar replay useful, should you have any questions or require assistance related to recruitment marketing or PR, our presenters would love to hear from you:

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