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Why strong internal communication is vital for businesses

1st June 2020

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COVID-19 has highlighted the value and importance of communication – in particular, internal comms. More than half (54 per cent) of UK people want daily updates about coronavirus from their employer.

What can you do to maximise employee engagement and satisfaction during the coronavirus using internal comms?

Listen to employees 

Never assume what people want. Find out the needs of your team and how often they want it.
For example, for many businesses it’s important to communicate the things you’re doing to satisfy the concerns of the workforce. Maybe standing desks are a popular request. Put the message out there that you are making changes through blogs, newsletters, team meetings and social as this can work wonders for developing your employer brand.

Consider your spokesperson carefully 

This is the person who will represent you. Build the profile of your spokesperson, like you would for your brand, as they are in charge of effectively delivering your key messages. 
Identify a leader within the organisation who is liked and trusted. Is your chosen person relatable? If the CEO of a multimillion-pound company tells their staff we’re all in the same boat, from a yacht, it’s more than likely not going to resonate with everyone.

Handling negativity 

Monitor online chatter. What is being said on social media channels and review sites such as Glassdoor? Are there any common complaints you could address? The important thing is to make employees feel like they can talk to you to prevent negative feedback published on the internet. Suggestion boxes, team monthly reviews and one-to-ones let your team discuss any issues they might have in confidence. 

Communicate positive stories 

Three quarters of employees feel they are missing out on company news, which leads to confusion and feelings of exclusion. Let your team know all the steps you’ve taken to ensure their safety. Has anyone taken part in any fundraising? Ensure your staff know what the plans are for going forward. In organisations where colleagues feel connected, productivity increases by 20 to 25 per cent. 

Guest article written by Outwrite PR, an online reputation management agency

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