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Wed, 1st January 2014
6am Bootcamp to raise funds for NSPCC....

Wed, 1st January 2014
Workplace pensions - what are your obligations as an employer?

All employers will have to provide workers with a workplace pension scheme by law. The biggest employers started doing this in October 2012, but how does it affect you?

Thu, 12th December 2013
Season's Greetings

Tue, 10th December 2013
Top tips for career survival over the festive season

Christmas festivities present opportunities for career enhancement as well as disaster. Corinne Mills shares her advice on how to come out unscathed...

Mon, 9th December 2013
Job vacancies increasing at the fastest pace in 15 years

The number of people placed in permanent and temporary/contract roles continued to rise in November, according to the latest Report on Jobs from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG.

Thu, 5th December 2013
Men more likely to take top HR jobs

Despite men representing only one-third (37%) of HR professionals, they take over half (53%) of all HR positions at Chief, Vice President or Director level; an over-representation of +43%. Men are 50% more likely than women to aspire to the role of Chief HR Officer.

Wed, 4th December 2013
Five top tips for using online job boards effectively

With competition so fierce on job boards, it's essential candidates hit all the right notes. Here are some tips for improving your success rate.

Tue, 3rd December 2013
How to survive the office Christmas party

Here are the top things to remember when attending your office Christmas party.

Fri, 1st November 2013
"Two thirds of bosses (66%) are planning to increase their permanent workforce in the next three months..."

As January to March is traditionally the busiest time of year for permanent staff recruitment, I'd like to test this survey and interested to see how many of you are already planning to recruit over the next 3 months. Email me directly at ku.oc.latropycnacavboj@htac

Fri, 1st November 2013
Voluntary staff turnover increases as confidence returns to UK employment market

  • Half of HRDs say that, compared to three years ago, employee turnover is on the rise
  • Lack of remuneration/recognition is cited by HRDs as the main reason why voluntary employee turnover has increased
  • Poor company performance and fear of redundancy also encourage employees to switch jobs

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