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Fri, 7th September 2018
A Guide to Attracting Talent: Getting the Best Out of Interviewees

Recruiting the right people can add tremendous value to your business, but employing the wrong people can be disastrous. Make sure you make the right decision by following these steps to get the best out of interviewees...

Fri, 7th September 2018
A Guide to Attracting Talent: 5 Reasons to Advertise Job Vacancies Online

With online technology being at the forefront of recruitment developments, and 90% of jobseekers turning to the internet for their next role, here are 5 reasons why you should advertise your job vacancies online...

Thu, 6th September 2018
Combating the skills shortage in the hospitality industry

Here’s the thoughts of Cath Harrison, MD of JVP, on how to combat the skills shortage problem in the hospitality industry

Thu, 6th September 2018
Do job seekers need to know who the recruiting employer is before applying?

How important do you think it is for job seekers to know who the recruiting employer is before they even submit a job application?

Thu, 6th September 2018
Is your business missing out on talent by not considering volunteering experience when recruiting?

Only 16% of employers enquire about candidates volunteering experience on application forms, and just 31% ask about it during interviews. 67% of employers say entry-level candidates who have volunteering experience demonstrate more employability skills.

Thu, 6th September 2018
Have you considered employing an apprentice? If not, here’s why you should.

Read about the benefits of apprenticeships for your businesses.

Thu, 6th September 2018
Small business owner? Try these tips for successful recruitment.

The success of a small business is - to a large part - dependent on the performance of its staff. Arguably even more so than for a larger organisation.

Thu, 6th September 2018
Do your employees know exactly what their job description is?

Interesting article from OSM Consultants (HR Specialists)

Thu, 19th April 2018
What does the future of HR look like?

The JVP Roadshow is returning, and we’ll be looking at what’s in store for the future of human resources. Find out when the next JVP event is and how to book your free tickets.

Wed, 4th April 2018
JVP teams up with Tourism & Hospitality Academy to help develop a future workforce for North Wales

Read more about the exciting collaboration between North Wales Tourism and JVP Group...

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