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Pay As You Go Recruitment Advertising Packages

No hidden costs. Pay per ad, not per hire

When you're looking for the full package employee, use a full package recruitment advertising service.

Recruitment doesn't have to be an expensive headache that never seems to go away. Our advertising packages are designed to make the process as hassle-free and affordable as possible for you.

There are no hidden costs (no-one likes those) and you know exactly what you’re getting from us right from the start. You pay per ad not per hire, so you really can build your own talent pool and make multiple hires as you wish.

If you already have your own ATS and happy with how it's working for you, then we can direct your applications straight to it.

Flexible recruitment advertising and support, as and when you need it...

What's Included Professional Package

Easily attract your desired talent...
with a unique employer branded job advert written by a professional recruitment marketing specialist.

Leave no stone unturned, gain maximum exposure in the places your desired audience is job searching...
across a network of up to 200 specialist, leading and regional job sites for up to six weeks, with an intense and targeted advertising campaign managed by us..

Reach an extensive audience including passive job seekers via our social media channels...
with exposure in front of 30,000+ connections on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, ensuring ideal talent doesn’t slip through the net.

Build and efficiently manage your own talent pool...
with our time saving Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which includes the shortlisting and communication tools you need to ensure a speedy selection process. If you already have an effective ATS in place, we can direct applicants to your website if preferred.

Optional Time Saving Services (per advert)

Skills and Knowledge Testing
Get to know your applicants' skills and knowledge even better, choose a selection from over 200 online assessments and we'll handle the rest.


Psychometric Testing
Understand how aspects of an applicant's behavioural style may affect their performance at work, through our psychometric testing service which includes personality profiling, and cognitive ability tests for numerical and verbal reasoning.

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Application Filtering
Our team of recruitment specialists will review all your applications (regardless of how many applications you receive), highlighting those CVs or application forms that match your criteria, whilst still giving you full access to the applicant talent pool on the JVP Portal.


Application Filtering + Telephone Pre-screening
Once we've filtered your applications, we'll conduct pre-screening calls to complete a checklist which ensures key elements of the job advert have been understood and meet your essential criteria. If required, we can liaise with applicants to organise your face to face interviews.


Application Filtering + Telephone Interviews
Where a more comprehensive approach to screening applications is preferred, and particularly useful for senior appointments and niche roles. A Senior Recruiter at JVP will focus time and energy into reviewing all your applications and conducting thorough telephone interviews on your behalf, with key questions agreed beforehand. We'll gather the information that will help you to decide whether to shortlist for interview. If required, we can liaise with applicants to organise your face to face interviews.


Targeted LinkedIn Emails
For those senior level and niche roles where the talent pool will be much smaller, to complement the extensive job board advertising and social media marketing we undertake, we will also identify professionals via LinkedIn and send tailored direct emails to gain their interest and encourage referrals.


* All our prices shown are exclusive of VAT which is payable

Discounted Advertising Bundles

Planning multiple recruitment campaigns over the next 12 months? Whether you’re looking to advertise 10 or 1000 vacancies a year, you can take advantage of the discounts we offer for multiple advert purchases, and advert credits can be activated anytime within 12 months from the transaction date.

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