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Recruitment Services Overview

Our approach

We follow a tried and tested approach that combines fresh creative thinking with complete transparency and a second-to-none service. At the same time we know one size does not fit all, so we'll tailor support to meet your needs, whether you're looking for a comprehensive advertising solution to attract talent, keen to save time recruiting, or eager to develop assessment techniques to highlight superstars, we'll work with you to make it happen.

Making light work of in-house recruitment...

At JVP Group we're passionate about working in collaboration with employers to deliver successful in-house recruitment strategies. We maximise the power of employer brands and technology to aid talent attraction, and we take pride in eliminating the time-consuming work - and the high costs - out of your recruitment process. We also believe you should be able to build your own talent pool and avoid those expensive recruitment agency fees.

With online technology being at the forefront of recruitment developments there's so much to consider, ensuring each recruitment campaign is as efficient and effective as possible.

For more detail on the comprehensive yet tailored recruitment marketing and support services JVP Group offer, please use our interactive section above or call us on 01745 774 955.

We believe in;

  • writing ads that are appealing and effective for online presence;
  • utilising the power of employer branding to attract the best people;
  • choosing the right selection of platforms to reach talent;
  • providing a time saving applicant tracking system (ATS) that works for you and won't strain your recruitment budget;
  • identifying the most appropriate selection tools to reduce the risk of making a costly poor hire;
  • freeing up your time for all those other tasks on your to do list;
  • ensuring applicants have the best possible candidate journey, one that will enhance your employer brand image.

One needle, many haystacks...

Did you know... 43% of job seekers only use one job board to search for work, and there are over 1100 job sites in the UK.

Searching for a needle in one haystack is difficult, finding one amongst hundreds may seem impossible, or at the very least resource heavy and expensive.

It's time to stop searching and make the needle come to you. With 90% of job seekers hunting opportunities online, we'll make sure talent finds you!

13 hours... the average time spent on admin per vacancy

How many days are you spending every year writing job ads, publishing vacancies online, trawling through an inbox full of CVs / application forms and responding to applicants?

What could you do instead if those hours were spare? Lots more time to work through the rest of your to-do list, that's for sure!

Get in touch

We're here to help! Talk to us, we're a friendly bunch and together we'll identify a solution that will either transform or at the very least add tremendous value to your recruitment strategy. To discuss any of our services / packages or to run a comprehensive advertising campaign, fill out this form or...

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