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Employer Branded Job Advert Writing

When it comes to job adverts, you have 8 seconds to make an impression and attract quality talent...

For many job seekers, your job adverts will be the first interaction they have with your company - so it's vital that each job advert is treated as a piece of marketing rather than a copy and paste of a job description.

Would you apply for a job if you didn’t know who the employer was?

You'll often see job adverts that say 'Our client...' but great people can be picky about where they work, right?

The difference in results between a comprehensive employer branded recruitment advertising and marketing campaign, compared to a 'post and pray' cheap online job advertising service is significant.

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Writing job adverts that lead to results

Did you know, 90% of job seekers use mobile devices in their search? And 64% won't apply for a job if they don't understand the job title?

The team of recruitment marketing specialists here at JVP know the science behind writing a job advert that will reach and attract the right people, from the most effective layout and formatting, to using the best searched keywords, and the desired information individuals look for when considering applying.

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Inclusive language job advert copy that attracts diverse talent

Attracting talent from under-represented demographic groups brings so many positive benefits. Diverse teams are more innovative, entrepreneurial and robustly skilled, and companies with a diverse workforce are more likely to have higher financial returns. Yet even with such advantages, only 13% of job ads contain language that is inclusive.

Whether you're looking to attract more women into male-dominated disciplines, address an ageing workforce through succession planning, or you're generally keen to develop an inclusive culture that makes your organisation a great place to work, the language used within your job adverts and the person requirements listed will make a huge difference to your results.

Unconscious bias in language is not always obvious or intuitive, but the impact it has on your inclusion efforts cannot be denied. We'll apply our expertise, knowledge and understanding to ensure your job adverts help you achieve your goal of a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Taking the time to fully understand your business and the vacancy, ensuring the online job adverts we produce for you:


Promote your company, EVP (employee value proposition) and employer brand


Inform and attract quality talent by including the vital information potential applicants want to make an informed decision


Are written with SEO and crucial keywords in mind, to make sure your job adverts are found by the right people


Consist of inclusive language to attract diverse talent

At JVP Group we pride ourselves on reducing the time you spend on recruitment admin, and we don't hang around - we'll have your job adverts emailed over for your approval within six working hours.

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Job advert writing is our expertise. We've crafted thousands of job adverts over the years, and we know what it takes to make your vacancy stand out against the 1,000,000+ job adverts that are currently live in the UK. Whilst we write your job adverts for you, read our blog to find out the reasons behind our approach to writing the job advert content.

Your potential employees are looking for a convincing story, a purpose, a real point of differentiation. A why.

In addition to our employer branded advert writing service, we have a separate offering that looks at your company's employer branding proposition.

Our team have over 20 years' experience helping employers identify and communicate their EVP and employer brand to improve both employee retention and talent attraction. We have real sector experience and a clear methodology.

By talking to the key audiences (employees, executive team and external), we are able to build a messaging framework which outlines where you're going and why great people should join you on that journey.

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To find out more, take a look at our...

Employer brand consultancy

Shh! - We can also be discreet

Although we encourage you to shout about how wonderful your business is to help attract the best people, if you need to be discreet about your recruitment, your job adverts can be JVP branded so that your company remains anonymous from the outset.

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Want your adverts written in Welsh?

If you're looking to advertise your job adverts bilingually, then we can draft your adverts in both Welsh and English. We will also create eye-catching images and engaging social posts for your vacancies in both Welsh and English.

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We were impressed with the job advert that JVP drafted on our behalf, and the team were very helpful, always at the other end of the phone whenever we had any questions. We wouldn't hesitate in using JVP again.
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