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Employer Branding Consultancy Service

The partnership with JVP has provided superb value for us and has really taken our employer branding to the next level.
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Your potential employees are looking for a convincing story, a purpose, a real point of differentiation. A why.

Defining and delivering on an EVP can improve employee retention by 69%, and 83% of employers feel their EVP has a significant influence on their ability to attract talent and hire.

Constructing an Employee Value Proposition to drive your Employer Branding

As we begin to emerge into a post Covid, post lockdown landscape, so much has changed. There's a widespread acceptance of flexible working in a way that simply didn't exist 12 months ago. Covid has touched us all so much so that it has facilitated the embracing of inclusivity within workplaces. And we're aware of the importance of physical fitness and mental well-being to a greater extent than perhaps ever before.

But what hasn't changed?

That great talent is in demand and is critical to your business.

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Constructing your EVP and using it to drive your employer branding messaging has never been so important. Employees and potential employees alike want to understand what you stand for, where you're going and how you will help them grow personally and professionally.

Your EVP is the opportunity to answer those questions, and your employer branding is how you communicate this to potential and existing employees.

LinkedIn reports that 83% of employers felt their EVP had a significant influence on their ability to attract talent and hire. And according to Gartner, employers that effectively deliver on their EVP can reduce departures improving employee retention by 69%.

And such metrics apply to all employers. Local charities as much as global enterprises. Domestic businesses as much as international powerhouses. Perhaps even more so.

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Why is researching, constructing and articulating your EVP so important today?

EVP - re-position to post-Covid world image
To re-position to the post-Covid world
EVP - attract quality talent image
Realise your full potential and attract quality talent
EVP - lower early stage employee turnover image
To lower early stage employee turnover
EVP - counter increased competitor activity image
To counter increased competitor activity

Whatever Covid has changed, it hasn't affected people's desire to progress, to be inspired, to grow. The market for the sort of talent that will make a difference within your organisation remains fierce.

But because of the doubt and uncertainty around us all, such talent is looking for a convincing story, a purpose, a real point of differentiation. A why.

That's your EVP.

Our Employer Branding Consultancy Service

Our team have over 20 years' experience helping employers identify and communicate their EVP and employer brand to improve both employee retention and talent attraction. We have real sector experience and a clear methodology.

By talking to the key audiences (employees, executive team and external), we are able to build a messaging framework which outlines where you're going and why great people should join you on that journey.

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EVP - gather the insights image
We'll gather the insights
EVP - build a messaging framework image
We'll build a messaging framework...
EVP - promote your why image
We'll help you promote your why...
EVP - attract and retain talent image
Improving your ability to attract and retain talent

We'd love to talk to you about how we can bring your point of employment differentiation to life through our employer branding consultancy service.

Because of our experience, this won’t take forever, won't cost the earth, and it will make a difference.

But it will take a phone call to get started. We'd love you to get in touch and see how an EVP can help drive your retention and resourcing initiatives.

Did you know we also support employers with job advertising and flexible recruitment solutions which help them to attract, manage & assess talent...

We can help you attract the right people without the hassle of doing it all yourself, or the high costs that come with recruitment agencies.

We're a job advertising and recruitment marketing company that likes to do things a little differently, using the power of employer brands to bring your job opportunities to life.

To discover more, about our fixed-price recruitment advertising solution, along with our time-saving support services, click here.

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