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Pre-Employment Skills and Knowledge Testing

28% of job seekers lie on their CV - testing will help you sort the best from the rest

Recruitment is not an exact science, but you can reduce the risk of making a poor hire by adopting a variety of selection methods! Testing applicants' numeracy, literacy, and IT skills during the selection process will complement the traditional face to face interview and put your mind at ease when making hiring decisions.

Our range of testing tools includes over 100 ready-to-use online tests to dig even deeper into applicants' skills and knowledge.

The team at JVP have been an absolute delight to work with. We needed some pre-employment testing for applicants and the team came up with the perfect package delivering test results quickly and in a clear format. I look forward to working with JVP again next time we are recruiting.
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Types of Pre-Employment Skills Testing

Choose tests from our library of over 100 ready-to-use online assessments. Categories include:

Notes and coins shown together

Finance & Accountancy Knowledge Testing

Monitor displaying the Microsoft Office logo

Microsoft Office Testing

Keyboard layout and keys

Typing & Data Entry Testing

Calculator and open book

Numeracy & Literacy Testing

Landline telephone handset

Contact Centre Testing

If you would like to try out a sample of the skills and knowledge tests to see how they work, contact us today and we'll have them over to you in a few minutes, we don't hang around here!

Whether you're looking to assess one individual or multiple applicants, for a single campaign or for your recruitment activity over the year ahead, get in touch and we'll advise on the best pricing package for you.

Identify skills level that are difficult to assess through conversation

Excel spreadsheet with details of an applicant's pre-employment test results

Whether you'd prefer your applicants to conduct the assessments at home, or test skills at the same time as a face to face interview at your company's premises - our skills and knowledge testing solutions are flexible to suit your recruitment selection process.

Most individuals complete the assessments at home within 48 hours of receipt. By including this testing at an early stage of your selection process, you will significantly reduce the time you need to spend on face to face interviews, whilst identifying those superstars that stand out from the crowd.

Not only will this approach save you time, but it will also help you avoid making costly mistake hires. There is nothing worse than onboarding a recruit to find out that core skills required, such as accuracy and attention to detail, are not up to scratch.

How our pre-employment skills testing service works...


Let us know what you need to test, and we'll advise accordingly based on the role and requirements.


Choose a tailored package of tests for the role that you wish to assess skills and knowledge for.


We manage the whole process for you, from sending the tests and phoning applicants to confirm receipt of the assessments, to responding to queries.


Upon skills test completion, you receive a full, detailed report on the results for each individual and a comparison report too - enabling you to have confidence with your hiring decisions.

An applicant sitting up to laptop taking their pre-employment skills test

Psychometric Testing

In addition to Skills and Knowledge Testing, we provide Psychometric Testing and Cognitive Ability Assessments which will help you to understand how aspects of an individual's behavioural style will affect their performance at work - helping to further put your mind at ease when making hiring decisions.

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Sections of the mind pieced together like a jigsaw to create a head shape

Need to attract the talent first, to then assess?

We can help you attract the right people without the hassle of doing it all yourself or the high costs that come with recruitment agencies.

Best of all, should you invest in skills testing alongside a recruitment advertising campaign, for an attractive fixed fee you can assess as many individuals as you wish with no extra costs.

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The testing package was invaluable during the sifting process, and gave us that extra reassurance that our chosen candidates have the essential skills required for the role.
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